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Loghaven Artist Residency’s mission is to empower artists of excellence by providing time, space, resources, and relationships in an extraordinary environment. Read More

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A close up of two white arms interacting with folds of flowing white fabric in a performance setting. One hand gestures to the right, and the other curves downwards. Bright lighting creates dynamic shadows and highlights on both the arms and cloth.

Refine your vision.

Located on ninety wooded acres in Knoxville, Tennessee, Loghaven Artist Residency provides artists the time, space, and resources necessary to cultivate new art and ideas in an extraordinary environment.

Close-up of a dark-skinned hand using chalk pastel to draw a yellow circle on paper in a larger pattern of predominantly yellow circles. Sky blue, orange, and red pastels of different sizes rest on top of the surface in the bottom right.

Envision new possibilities.

At Loghaven, artists are housed in historic log cabins and given access to facilities that are of the highest caliber, designed for a variety of creative practices. Artists receive robust financial support in the form of a living, travel, and materials stipend, in order to make their time here productive.

A close-up, cropped image of a dark-skinned hand playing a piano. It is semi-transparent, showing the movement of the hand.
Close-up of a light-skinned hand applying turquoise paint to an abstract painting

The creation of new artistic work is essential to human progress. Loghaven supports and empowers artists as they inspire and change the world.

Black and white close-up showing a blurred hand moving along the neck of an electric guitar. A finger from the other hand is cropped near the guitar pickups.
Close-up of lighter-skinned bare feet in black athletic pants. One foot is in a pointe ballet position. Find Next